Peleliu Land Tour

WWII Peleliu History Tour– Take a boat ride to Peleliu island, designated a national Historic landmarks, where remnants of the WWII battle can be found throughout the island. The island were full of old war memorabilia, war monuments and bat-filled caves found around various battle sites. There were man-made caves all over the island which were used by the Japanese military. War relics are still visible throughout the island. Peleliu is a memorial site for both WWII U.S. and Japanese troops. Many Marines and soldiers died on the beaches and in the caves of Peleliu. Many of the military installations of the era, are still intact, and shipwrecks from the battle remain visible underwater just off the coast. Remnants from this bloody battle as well as from the Japanese occupation itself can still be found throughout the island today. In fact, one of these buildings now houses the Peleliu World War II Memorial Museum which opened its doors in 2004 during the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Peleliu.

Minimum 4 pax