About Palau

Photo: Ingo Arndt

The country of Palau is located in Micronesia between Philippines and Guam. Famous in the Scuba diving communities all over the world it consists of 340 islands. Seventy of the islands are protected marine sanctuaries. Palau is truly a gem in the northwest Pacific Ocean and a bucket list destination for novice and experienced divers alike. Palau waters are diverse and plentiful, home to the minuscular and enormous creatures.

Our Most Often Asked Questions


All dive sites determined by guides and boat captains based on prevailing conditions.
Lunch included all dive days.

16 – Jan check into Cabin, free wifi and breakfast daily
17 – Three tank dive lunch included every day
18 – Three tank dive
19-  Three tank dive
20 – Three tank dive
21 – Three tank dive
22 – Hike to Waterfall with picnic lunch
23 – Check out to flight home

The trip does not include air fare. The destination airport code is ROR which is in the capital city Koror, Palau. In past years we have used mostly China Air (a Taiwan airline, Air China is CCP). Check with CheapOair.com, phone is (877) 666 9282, Kayak, and other booking platforms. It is best to book early in this year to get the best air fare as prices rise towards the trip start date.

We have reserved beautiful recently totally updated, like new hardwood, private decked Cabins. Beautiful Caroline’s is on a hillside overlooking Koror. We can configure cabins for up to four divers per cabin. We are only taking a total of 14 people, we have an additional two person cushion (maybe 16) if necessary. If you arrive early we will arrange alternate accommodations until you check in at additional cost.

While you are out diving Land tours are offered for non-divers ($120 – $140 PER TOUR} . The 22 of January is an out gassing day before departing January 23, 2022 and the Waterfall hike with picnic lunch is included with your stay.

The average three tank dive depth ranges between 60 ft – 90 ft. in 80-82 degree water with an average of 200 ft. viability. Bring your safety sausage if you have one. The entry and exit points are usually separated distance wise by a tank of air. In other words the boat meets you when you surface.

A. Reserve and pay in full with our on line booking platform. Cost is $1889.00 perperson two person minimum.
B. We have a credit card payment plan. Call (619) 260-1880 to set up your monthly payment plan.

Here is the monthly payment lan depending on your initial deposit, payments increase as you wait longer to get in:

January through November: 171.75 monthly
February through November: $188.90 monthly
March through November: $210.00 monthly
April thrugh November: 237.00 monthly
May through November: $271,00 monthly
June through November: $315.00 monthly
July through November: $378.00 monthly
August through November: $473.00 monthly
September through November: $630,00 monthly
October through November: $945.00 monthly
November and after: $1,889.00 payment in full

Call us to see if we can help you with a different payment schedule dependingon your initial Deposit.

Air Fare.
Dinners not included.
Scuba regulator, BC, computer, not included, mask, snorkel, fins not included. $65.00 rental per day, per set.
Trip insurance is not included. We can’t emphasize how important it is to have a trip insurance plan. Several types of plans are listed on our Palau 2022 dive
package web site.
Please share our Palau link with your diving community. Let us know how we can help you get this tip out of your bucket list.
Call us at (619) 260 1880 or (619) 341-1900 to set up your payment plan and to add nondiver land tours.

Hope to see you in Palau January 2022!