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Scuba San Diego has a variety of dive and snorkel activities. Scuba instruction, world class guided diving tours and snorkeling tours off La Jolla Cove, boat dives to Wreck Alley’s HMCS Yukon.

Guided Scuba Excursion to La Jolla Cove certified divers:  Book Now

$100.00 (one tank)     Gift It

$150.00 (two tank)  Gift It

Certified divers, your first dive you will be guided on a tour of the world famous La Jolla Cove kelp forest by our expert guide. The maximum depth is 45 feet, then on your second dive to the sea cavern or La Jolla point. Or, dive at the equally famous La Jolla Canyon, a 60 to 80 ft. dive. These dives begin at 8:00 a.m. in the off season (fall, winter and spring) and at 7 a.m. weekends and 8 a.m. weekdays in season (summer). These exciting shore dives are a must for the beginning diver and the serious world-class scuba diver. Dive includes weight belt, weights, and cylinders. Close encounters with the rare and endangered Giant Black Sea Bass, Tope Sharks the year round or all of the above plus Seven Gill Sharks in April. Don’t miss April in La Jolla Cove!


Private Guided Scuba Excursion to La Jolla Cove certified divers:

$180.00 (one tank) $230.00 (two tank)


Guided Night Dives:

$100.00 La Jolla Canyon

There are a multitude of interesting critters in the “Canyon” at night. This guided dive meets one half hour after sunset. There are squid runs in the winter, California bat rays, two ringed octopus, and slided crabs that frequent this canyon year round. Most night dives are loaded with biolumenecent phytoplankton.



 Are you bringing a camera to dive La Jolla Cove? 

– Bring a magenta filter (for green) for your camera.

Are you bringing a camera to dive Palau with us? 

– Bring a red filter (for blue) for you camera.